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It seems unlikely that bitcoin is the future of crime after Skip Tracer Professional Berlingske reported that the Danish police brought down drug traffickers by tracing bitcoin transactions. In January this year, courts in the Danish city Herning, found the defendant in a narcotics case guilty and sentenced him to eight years of prison due to traced bitcoin transactions. This is the second case in Denmark where bitcoin-tracing evidence has played a major role in the trial. Denmark is leading the way Kim Aarenstrup, the head of Denmarks National Cybercrime Center (NC3), said in an interview with Berlingske that these two convictions prove that Denmark is currently leading the way in cyberpolicing and that this new technology is a major milestone for police work. We are pretty much unique in the world at this moment, because nobody else has been able to use this type of trace as evidence before. Everybody is looking towards Denmark in this field, and we are in close dialog with several other countries at the moment, so that we can further develop the methods and teach them how we operate. The new specialized IT-system, developed by Danish law enforcement agencies, is based on comparing the information of two different types of bitcoin transactions. First, transactions where bitcoins are used to purchase goods are analyzed by exploiting the possibilities of blockchain technology, which bitcoin is based on. This information is then compared with listings of bitcoin-buyers and bitcoin-sellers. The comparison is then used to identify the people involved in particular dealings. Aarenstrup didnt want to go into specifics of how far-reaching this new method is, but one can imagine that it must be substantial since the FBI and Europol are already using the system.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://thenextweb.com/eu/2017/02/21/danish-police-hunt-down-criminals-using-bitcoin/

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